Laser Tattoo Removal

The PicoWay Difference

A little over a decade ago, laser tattoo removal involved burns, scabbing, and scarring. Today, we see a different picture of laser tattoo removal. Since picosecond technology hit the scene in 2012, companies such as Candela, have innovated the field of laser tattoo removal. Removing tattoo ink from the skin is now safe and effective. Laser tattoo removal today works within the skin with extremely low risks for scarring and little to no downtime.

Lumière Laser Spa laser room that includes bed, laser, and storage. This is where laser tattoo removal is performed.

The Difference Of Picosecond Technology In Laser Tattoo Removal

When compared to other laser technologies such as the Q-switch lasers, true picosecond lasers—such as the PicoWay Laser System—create more consistent and high powered pulses. The PicoWay Laser is also much faster than previous laser technologies, resulting in a photoacoustic effect vs. photothermal. The photoacoustic effect does not leave enough time for heat to be created. This results in much lower risks of damaging the surrounding skin or hair.

The PicoWay Laser In Action

The PicoWay Laser delivers energy into the skin, which hits the ink particles, and shatters them into tiny pieces. The body then is able to clear the ink using its own elimination processes. Clients need 8-12 weeks between each treatment to see the full results of the previous treatment. The PicoWay Laser System uses multiple wavelengths to break up various tattoo ink colors, even the hard to remove blues, greens, and purples. 

Laser tattoo removal with the PicoWay Laser System is also safe for clients with darker skin tones. Heat is what can cause damage to melanin, resulting in hyper- or hypo- pigmentation, but the PicoWay Laser creates very low amounts of thermal energy, making it one of the safest lasers for skin tones containing greater amounts of melanin.

Removing permanent makeup has also become much safer and more efficient with the development of picosecond technology. There is little to no risk of damaging hair follicles, so the PicoWay Laser can remove permanent makeup on brows. We can also remove permanent lip liner, blush, and cosmetic ink freckles. The PicoWay laser has adjustable size settings, allowing us to be precise in where we remove ink. This means we are able to perform permanent makeup corrections, where we reshape brows or lips, remove brow tails, or adjust contour lines.

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